2010-2011 - First Country Director, Village Libraries, & Afghan Songbook Project

Literacy class inside a library.


CW4WAfghan’s office in Kabul moves into shared office space with the Canadian Embassy’s Project Support Unit (PSU). 

Murwarid Ziayee joins CW4WAfghan as the first Country Director in Afghanistan. 

CW4WAfghan funds a high school for Afghan girl refugees in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

CW4WAfghan hosts the first annual Teacher’ Best Practices conference in Kabul.


CW4WAfghan opens the first village library: a concept that would come to inform our approach to literacy education, ensuring that literacy learners have access to relevant local language reading material by hosting classes inside libraries. 

Murwarid Ziayee Country Director, Lauryn Oates, Program Manager, and Janice Eisenhauer, Executive Director in Afghanistan, 2011.

Deborah Ellis travelled to Afghanistan with Janice Eisenhauer and Lauryn Oates. She interviewed young children and then wrote her next book in the Breadwinner Series, Kids of Kabul. 

The three-year Safelight/Fanoos Teacher Education Project commences with funding from the Government of Canada. 

The Afghan Songbook Project commences, funded for the following decade by CW4WAfghan. This project provides volumes of Afghan children’s songbooks and a new book of Afghan fables.