2008-2009 - Kabul Office Opens, New School, & Women’s Libraries


CW4WAfghan opens its country office in Kabul.

 CW4WAfghan begins the Excel-erate Teacher Training project with funding from Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).  

CW4WAfghan funds the establishment of a women’s library in Herat and another women’s library at the Afghan Women’s Resource Centre in Kabul. Our finding supplies salaries, books, a records system, a digital database, and more. 


CW4WAfghan becomes a Canadian federal charity and a registered NGO in Afghanistan. 

The second democratic presidential elections are held since the end of Taliban rule. 

CW4WAfghan sponsors the construction of the Sheikh Misry School in Nangarhar province, replacing tent classes with a new 12-room building serving 1,500 students. The $100,000 project is led by CW4WAfghan volunteer and donor of Calgary, Ash Khan, and his family. 

CW4WAfghan funds 50 women in Jalalabad to complete a Diploma in Information Technology, in partnership with the Afghan Women Welfare Department (AWWD), one of numerous projects undertaken with this Afghan women-led NGO.

CW4WAfghan’s Atlantic Chapter was formed in Pictou County. Over the next decade, the Atlantic chapter would expand to include several eastern provinces.

Photo (left): Tent classes in Nangarhar province before the Sheikh Misry School was built.