Technology Expands Opportunity

We believe that technology can provide powerful opportunities in realizing the human right to education. Everyone has a right to learn, and our innovative technological tools in our Technology for Education Program not only give Afghans greater access to knowledge and information but also help both students and teachers develop 21st century skills.

Welcome to our Knowledge Tree

Darakht-e Danesh, meaning “knowledge tree” in Dari, is our collection of virtual education tools that provide access to education for thousands of Afghans in Afghanistan and in the region.

The branches of our Darakht-e-Danesh Academi (DD Academi):

DD Library

Our online educational resource collection consisting of over 6,600 resources in 127 subjects published in nine Afghan languages, used by thousands of Afghans every month. In 2022, we added an additional 441 resources to our library including books, storybooks, lesson plans, videos, and more. Our library is free and open to all.

DD Courses

Our asynchronous course platform that allows Afghans to take full courses at their own pace. A variety of subjects are offered in three languages: Dari, Pasto, and English. We are expanding our courses to meet the needs of Afghans, including new professional development courses for displaced Afghans.

DD Classroom

Our live teaching site for synchronous teaching and learning. DD Classroom enables live virtual learning through video classes and daily recorded content. Both in Afghanistan and abroad, the DD Classroom is available for teaching middle and high school classes, university classes, training seminars, continuing education, basic literacy, and more.

To ensure that everyone has access to our virtual learning tools, we also provide:

DD Lite: An offline version of DD Library that is installed in places without internet connectivity.

Remote Communications Assistance: Grants for computers, devices, and internet connectivity packages for individuals and organizations for the purpose of education.


To ensure Afghans that have fled to neighboring countries have ongoing access to education, we also provide:

Digital Learning Centers: Classroom-like spaces with computer labs that allow Afghans to continue learning with our DD Academi resources and an on-site tutor.


 Plant the seeds of knowledge today. Your donation will provide:

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