Contact Info
Nazila Jamshidi

Washington, D.C.

Nazila Jamshidi is a dedicated professional specializing in inclusive international
development and democratization interventions. With over a decade of involvement in
Afghanistan’s development and democratization process, she has become a professional
in advising, creating, and implementing programs that champion the rights and
inclusion of marginalized communities through international development, foreign aid,
and institution building.
Nazila’s journey began with keen observation of the barriers to human rights, women’s political and
economic participation, gender equality, and social justice across 27 provinces of Afghanistan. Recognizing
the need for fundamental changes in social justice systems and public policies, she pursued a bachelor’s
degree in Government and Justice and Peace from Georgetown University and an M.A. in Human Rights in
Foreign Policy/Diplomacy from Columbia University.
Her portfolio includes working with esteemed organizations such as the UN, USAID, IFRC, and other
international entities in both Afghanistan and the United States. Nazila’s impact spans from creating projects
that prioritize gender and diversity inclusion to educating and training over 3000 Afghan government
officials. She has also played a significant role in formulating policies and strategies that promote gender
equality and democratic values in some government entities in Afghanistan. Currently, Nazila serves as a
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisor in Washington, D.C., where she continues contributing her expertise
toward fostering inclusive societies and sustainable development