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Faisal Abubaker
Full-Stack Developer/Digital Literacy Officer

Faisal Abubaker’s ambition is to make Afghanistan a Digitalized and Educated Country. He is currently a Full-Stack Developer managing and developing the CW4WAfghan website and the Darakht-e-Danesh Library. He is developing Digital Literacy content, and providing Technical support to the Afghanistan and Canada office staff.
Faisal earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Informatics from Kabul Polytechnic University and has certification in DBA (Database Administration). A Software Engineer and teacher, Faisal has worked with Government and Non-Government organizations, the US-Embassy project ELCLC at the Kabul University and he trained more than 500 students on the ICDL (International Certification of Digital Literacy) program. He has a teaching background with multiple local universities and developed a local language EMIS solution for Schools and Universities in Afghanistan.