As the events of August 2021 sent Afghanistan into upheaval, millions of Afghans made the difficult decision to leave their country, and it is likely many more will join them in the months and years to come. 

CW4WAfghan has responded to the challenges of this mass migration with modest support to those we can reach, through the following initiatives:

Re-imagining our Scholarships program, to support young women to access higher education outside of Afghanistan. Stay tuned for more updates soon, as we put finishing touches on the expansion of this program.

Advocating for the protection of displaced Afghans in our Advocacy program.

Supporting access to information about visas and resettlement programs in response to the hundreds of inquiries received since August 2021.

Expanding our education programs to meet the needs of displaced Afghans, such as supporting a school for Afghan refugees in Tajikistan.

Supporting the resettlement of those who worked with us in Afghanistan and are now at risk.