Sign the Petition

Sign the Petition

Sign the petition demanding that President Biden and Congress recognize that Afghan women’s rights must be assured along with peace with the Taliban. The people of Afghanistan are yearning for peace, as the war in Afghanistan continues destroying lives due to the direct consequences of violence and the war-induced breakdown of public health, security, and infrastructure. But peace with the Taliban can only be concluded when the peace agreements are backed by measurable indicators ensuring women will have access to education, mobility, healthcare, and justice.

3 thoughts on “Sign the Petition”

  1. Madeliene Tarasick says:

    Please do not abandon the women, and peace-loving citizens of Afghanistan. The gains made were a great cost. The Taliban’s version of sharia law will be another human rights disaster.

  2. Gary Greer says:

    Educating women creates a more peaceful world.

  3. Reine Dawe says:

    It is imperative that women’s rights to freedom and access to education be protected in the plan for Afghanistan becoming a self governing nation.