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CW4WAfghan volunteers, members, community partners and staff believe that individuals working in solidarity can effect positive change through the promotion of social justice and women’s rights. Our stakeholders in Canada, Afghanistan and beyond demonstrate their commitment as global citizens by participating in diverse activities to raise awareness and support for Afghan women and girls. Stay connected and informed by signing up for our CW4WAfghan News Bulletins.

Contact us to learn how you can contribute to building awareness. Whether you advocate individually or choose to connect with a Chapter in your area, we look forward to starting a dialogue. 

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The Time Is Now

and we need you

Canada is a global leader in promoting the importance of women in peace and security internationally, exemplified through our country’s renewed pledge of development assistance.  We ask you to join with us to demand the Canadian Government leverage its global leadership position and the legacy of our country’s efforts in Afghanistan in influencing the international community, particularly the US Government, to work toward:

1. An immediate and true ceasefire with unconditional commitment to end the targeting of civilians.

2. A responsible troop withdrawal by the US and NATO allies, up to and beyond the September 11 deadline, that reflects stated commitments to a results focused peace process and ensures continued support for the ANDSF in terms of stated resource, tactical, and logistical commitments.

3. Establishment of a mechanism to ensure safeguarding of the Afghan Constitution, constitutional order and assurance of the universal rights protected therein, including women’s and girls’ rights, such as their unconditional right to education at all levels.

4 A fully consultative, inclusive peace process and political settlement that accounts for
the reality that women are central and integral to the future of Afghanistan, are currently active in all sectors of society, have the right to represent and advocate for their own interests, and have strong voices and perspectives that cannot be ignored.


Our goal is to raise awareness and fundraise for CW4WAfghan’s education projects in Afghanistan. Do you have a special talent or an idea for supporting us? Read on to learn more about how you can become involved in supporting our efforts.

CW4WAfghan Chapter Membership

Our activities are currently virtual, expanding your opportunities for participation.

In Canada, volunteers from British Columbia to the Atlantic provinces raise funds and build awareness. Breaking Bread dinners and a variety of other events are held throughout the year. From small neighbourhood gatherings, to community walks, galas, classroom presentations and speaking engagements, CW4WAfghan relies on the amazing work of our volunteers who help turn the many ideas to share fun and fellowship into life-changing training and resources for thousands of Afghan teachers and their students each year.

In Afghanistan, our CW4WAfghan staff and volunteers in Kabul participate in a wide variety of public engagement events and activities to build community networks and partnerships throughout Afghanistan. We take part in collaborative events with community partners like Rotary Kabul and the Canadian Embassy in Afghanistan, host our own International Literacy Day and other community celebrations, make local media appearances, and receive community awards and recognition throughout the year. Individual volunteers contribute time and energy in the Kabul office and translate educational resources materials in several languages for our Darakht-e Danesh Library.

We look forward to hearing from you