Other Ideas?

Other Ideas?

We appreciate our supporters’ many creative ideas for raising funds. From hosting our traditional Breaking Bread events and Red Pashmina Walks to unique ideas including bake sales, cinema events, book clubs and more. Creative supporters sell pottery and donate the proceeds, host belly dancing workshops, and more. We look forward to hearing your idea.


Pub and Coffee Events

The Piper Doves of Toronto hosted a gathering at a pub and a coffee catch up. Hoping to raise $1,000, they were thrilled to send $3,000 to CW4WAfghan. They encouraged guests to dress up, and had music, raffle prizes and an enjoyable time supporting a cause they believe in.

Red Pashmina Walks

From Victoria to Peterborough, our members host Red Pashmina walks.

Learn more about Red Pashmina Walks

  • History
  • The Red Pashmina Walk is affiliated with the Red Pashmina (Inc.) Campaign, a grass-roots organization co-founded in 2010 in Peterborough, Ontario, by Maryam Monsef and Jessical Melnik. It sells Red Pashminas and other clothing accessories in support of CW4WAfghan. 

Tree of Life Pottery

Cheryl Couture is a potter and long-time supporter of women and girls in Afghanistan, supporting CW4WAfghan with proceeds from the sale of her Tree of Life mugs. She has donated more than $50,000 to CW4WAfghan programs.

Belly Dancing Workshops

Anne Cameron hosted belly dance workshops, with all proceeds donated to CW4WAfghan. She says it i s “like throwing a party where you don’t have to cook or clean because your guests do it for you!” Anne has transformed her passion and talent for belly dancing into a way to raise funds and friends for women and girls in Afghanistan, raising almost $40,700 over the years, one class at a time!