My name is Janice Eisenhauer and as co-founder of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan several decades ago, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our program. We hope you will visit more than once as you listen to the speakers, documentary shorts, and music to enjoy while cooking and/or eating. We look forward to you experiencing this wonderful and unique ‘basket of goodies’ that our staff and volunteers have organized for you. Enjoy! 

Program Itinerary


Click on each image to activate each speaker’s video presentation. The videos are 3 to 8 minutes in length. Grow your understanding of the situation in Afghanistan, the role of our programs and the opportunities to continue our work supporting women and girl’s rights.

Dr. Behnoush Ahranjani: Welcome
Sally Armstrong: We've Been Here Before
Journalist Mellissa Fung: The girls a decade later
Lauryn Oates: Because Human Rights Are Universal
Murwarid Ziayee: Keep School Doors Open
Laura Cunningham: Raising Spirits By Fundraising

Food Brings Us Together

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Breaking Bread is an indispensible expression of Afghan identity.

Afghanistan lies on the ancient slik road, where goods, ideas and philosophies were traded, building a rich history.

Durkhanai makes Chaat Masala in her Adelaide kitchen, and you can too!

Learn what you need to make this spice blend, the foods this spice blend will enhance the flavour of, and then enjoy!

Afghan Music Playlists

Immerse yourself in the rich world of Afghan music from popular songs to traditional ballads.

Documentary Shorts

Journalist and filmmaker Mellissa Fung shares in her video (above) how she worked with Senior Director Murwarid Ziayee years ago, and returned to Afghanistan to see the girls educated through CW4WAfghan programs leading professional lives. Below, our collection of short documentary clips, including The Sharp Edge of Peace, showcase the role Afghan women are playing thanks to their access to education and professional opportunities. The four women featured have decades of political experience working to achieve peace in Afghanistan. Fortune magazine named Fawzia Koofi one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders of 2021.

Suggested Reading

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Our Programs

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Education opportunities are growing and thriving thanks to our supporters. Working with the Afghan people, our country staff, Unesco and other partners, CW4WAfghan ensures women and girls have access to education.