Learning Baskets

For over a decade, CW4WAfghan equipped schools with learning materials through our School Starter Kits activity which includes School Library Starter Kits and School Science Lab Starter Kits.

In recognition that learning begins at birth and home is an equally important site of learning as school, in 2020 we started distributing Learning Baskets, so families would also have access to high quality, local language learning material. The baskets contain materials for all members of the family, nurturing learning at home, like storybooks, literacy activities, recipes, and more.

Did you know?

The number of books in homes is strongly correlated with better educational outcomes for children.

Learning Plus Baskets are Learning Baskets plus essential food staples that help vulnerable families facing precarious economic conditions gain food security. The food items are related to the learning materials – such as recipes that use the food items in the basket – so that the items in the basket complement each other. As Afghanistan faces a worsening economic crisis, the Learning Plus Baskets are an increasingly essential lifeline for families. Further, as schools remain closed for girls past primary age, the materials for home learning allow continuation of learning during the human rights crisis facing millions of girls and young women across the country. 

Buy a Learning Basket for a Family in Afghanistan

CAD$150 buys a Learning Plus Basket for a household in Afghanistan.