Quality Education

At CW4WAfghan, realizing the right to education is about more than access to school. It’s about the quality of education one gets. From 2002 to 2021, Afghanistan dramatically increased the number of schools operating, teachers hired and children enrolled, but significant quality challenges remained. Our Investing in Basic Education Program focused on improving the quality of education by training teachers and expanding their access to educator resources through projects like The Lantern Fund 2025, The Gender Equity in Teacher Training to Improve Girls’ Education (GETT) Project, Getting Girls Back to School, School and Library Starter Kits, School Support, and Accessible Storybooks for Children.

Today, this work continues, as we continue to develop and distribute local language reading material and more for Afghan children and their families through the Learning Baskets initiative, deliver virtual learning opportunities to Afghan children, youth and adults both in Afghanistan and beyond through initiatives like DD Classroom and DD Courses, that enhance our free and open resource, the Darakht-e Danesh Digital Library, and provide professional development to displaced school leaders and teachers.