Campaign Supporting Secondary School Girls' Right to Education

As an organization deeply committed to the principle of education for all, and a belief in the transformative power of education, CW4WAfghan is gravely concerned about the Taliban’s September 17 announced de facto ban on girls’ education beyond primary school in Afghanistan. 

We ask that you take action with us. Whether you post our message on Facebook or Twitter, take a selfie, or organize to walk out of class, remember to email us at [email protected] or tag us @CW4WAfghan (on Facebook and Twitter)/ @cw4wafghanistan (on Instagram).

Afghan Students Speak Out

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Recent News

We encourage you to bookmark News to keep up with the rapidly changing situation.

November 29

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser offers no timeline on resettling Afghan refugees as desperation grows, Globe and Mail

October 11

CW4WAfghan Executive Director on Global News discussing the plight of Afghan Girls and International Day of the Girl

September 7

How the West can influence the Taliban, Al Jazeera Media View with Murwarid Ziayee

September 4

With her family stranded in Afghanistan, Murwarid Ziayee says Canada failed refugees, with Lauryn Oates and Murwarid Ziayee, CTV News

September 1

Lauryn Oates on Global Radio – around 18 minute mark

August 30th

Lauryn on CBC Radio Ottawa Morning -click August 30 segment What Future do Women’s Education Projects Have Under Taliban? (Lauryn around 2 minute mark)

August 30

What future do women’s education projects have under the Taliban, Ottawa Morning Radio with Lauryn Oates

August 29

Canadians must help ease the chaos in Afghanistan, Lauryn Oates, Troy Media

August 28th

Global News – ‘They’re not going to have mercy on our family’: Fear for women, girls left in Afghanistan

August 27th

The Uncertain future of Afghan women and girls, Murwarid Ziayee on Global News

Demand Leadership and Action

Canada is a global leader in promoting the importance of women in peace and security internationally, exemplified through our country’s Feminist International Assistance Policy

Join us in demanding the Canadian Government leverage this global leadership position and the legacy of our country’s efforts in Afghanistan in influencing the international community, the US Government, and NATO.  

Our advocacy work is rapidly transitioning to ensure humanitarian assistance. We will post updates as we learn more from our team on the ground in Afghanistan. We draw on the expertise of an Advisory Council of Afghan women from politics and civil society, as well as the perspectives and priorities of diverse activists in our coalition networks.

Post on social media. Use the hashtags #StandWithAfghanistan  #HumanRightsAreUniversal 

Remember to tag us @CW4WAfghan (on Facebook and Twitter)/ @cw4wafghanistan (on Instagram)!