Hoopoe BooksHoopoe Books is an imprint of The Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge, whose goal is to publish books that not only entertain but help children and young adults understand themselves and their world. In Afghanistan, Hoopoe has published a series of bilingual children’s books in Dari, Pashto, English and several minority languages of Afghanistan. CW4WAfghan partners with Hoopoe in several ways. CW4WAfghan distributes their books in schools and libraries across Afghanistan, and we funded the first print run of a Pashai-Pashto edition of one of their storybooks. The grant supported translating, printing and distributing 3,000 Pashai-Pashto editions of one Hoopoe title to Pashai-speaking children in Afghanistan. The goals of this project are to improve literacy, school readiness and educational outcomes among Pashai-speaking children in Afghanistan and to cultivate pride and recognition of Afghan minority languages and Afghan multilingualism through the publication of minority language texts.