We have been deeply touched by the outpouring of offers from compassionate Canadians who care about what is happening in Afghanistan. Thank you.

Many of you are asking how you can help respond to the humanitarian and human rights crisis Afghanistan is facing. Whether you’re looking to sponsor or support Afghans who arrive in Canada as part of the special resettlement program announced by the Government of Canada, want to help raise funds for relief efforts, or support our ongoing work to defend human rights for Afghan women and girls, the following list provides some practical suggestions of what Canadians can do to help, right now.

We need your help with our advocacy efforts to bring more Afghans to safety.

What you can do:

– Send the letter posted on our Advocacy page

– Write to your MP with the recommendations we list below

– Talk to your local media (use the contact us form to request  our Media Talking Points first)


I want to help

Here is what CW4WAfghan is asking the Canadian Government to do now: 

  1. Assistance with securing visas for safe transit from Afghanistan to Pakistan, including for Afghans who do not have passports.
  1. Work regionally with partners and the UNHCR to ensure that the lists of accepted forms of documentation and identification needed to cross borders, enter safe third countries and travel onwards to Canada is as expansive as possible, given that the Afghan Government’s Passport Office is now closed indefinitely and in light of reports of the Taliban confiscating passports.
  1. Engage with the Government of Pakistan to allow monitors from the UN High Commission for Refugees to observe the two border crossings between Afghanistan and Pakistan and ensure that the governments of both countries are allowing Afghans to safely leave Afghanistan. 
  1. Recognize the many categories of risk that make Afghans vulnerable to Taliban violence. This includes prominent women such as journalists, civil society activists and politicians, and many ordinary people as well: any parent who sent their daughter to university, anyone who ever criticized the Taliban, religious and ethnic minorities, and others. 
  1. Resume its evacuation plan for approved Special Immigration visa holders to reach Canada from a departure point in Pakistan.