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Breaking Bread 2021

Start time 2021-05-01
Finished Time 2021-05-31
Address Virtual

Breaking Bread Events, with their unique and life-affirming combination of food, friends and fundraising, have formed a vital part of our grassroots support. Since the first dinner in 2002 to our first year of Virtual Breaking Bread events in 2020, more than 1,400 events have been successfully hosted. We don’t want the current situation to disrupt the enthusiasm and commitment of our Breaking Bread hosts, members and supporters. 

What: We are taking our campaign online for the second year, to share sustenance and some much needed socialization, all while supporting education for women and girls in Afghanistan. Donations from participants will help us to continue our vital work ensuring education for women and girls in Afghanistan. Right now, this includes our current efforts in support of the country’s Covid-19 response, enhancing digital learning resources for students and supporting students returning to the classroom.

When: We are designating the entire month of May, 2021 as Breaking Bread Month! During this time, we will be posting recipes and encourage you to organize and “host” a virtual communal meal any time throughout the month. Alternately, you can try one of our Afghan recipes on your own and share on social media. Let us know about your meal, and post pictures to our facebook page and your social media, using the hashtags #CW4WAfghan, #BreakBread #BecauseHumanRightsAreUniversal

Then in June, be ready for Breaking Bread: Basket of Bounty. Purchase a ticket for $100, which will give you a link to virtual activities including music, speakers, a recipe book and memento bookmark, and a chance to win some prizes.

Basket of Bounty: From a Welcome Cocktail Hour hosted by Special Guest Speaker Sally Armstrong and Executive Director Dr. Lauryn Oates, to a menu of speakers, music playlists, documentary shorts, recipe book and a Library of our Supporters, the virtual program will be available for 15 days. You can set up times to listen to a speaker and then chat on zoom about the topic with friends or family. Download a music playlist and listen while you walk or cook. Visit our donation page for ways to contribute to our fundraising goals.

Why: Women’s rights hang precariously in the balance during these uncertain times, and we are firmly committed to continuing our work to advocate for the women and girls of Afghanistan. We also want to reach out and offer sustenance to our wonderful network of supporters right across Canada!