Providing Education to Displaced Afghans

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August 2021, CW4WAfghan has remained nimble and strategic in how we offer our education programs. Our free programs support both those in Afghanistan as well as Afghans who are internally displaced or have fled to neighbouring countries such as Pakistan or elsewhere in the region such as Turkey.

In many countries in the region around Afghanistan where Afghans have fled it is exceedingly challenging for them to obtain official refugee status. Further, many displaced Afghans lack official documentation or residency status, making it impossible to enroll their children in local schools. The longer children’s education is interrupted, the more likely it becomes that they will never return to school. 

An alternative was urgently needed, and we took the next steps to keep Afghans learning — no matter where they are located.

Digital Learning Centres

Digital Learning Centres (DLCs) were conceptualized by CW4WAfghan as spaces that provide displaced Afghans with access to high-quality, relevant, online learning programs where education would otherwise be unavailable. Designed with a multi-station computer lab in a classroom-like space, Afghans can access synchronous and asynchronous courses through our DD Academi. These spaces are focused on youth education, but offer classes for all ages, and also feature a community library that offers books in several Afghan languages.

DLCs have been established in safe locations that are accessible to the Afghan community in Pakistan and Turkey.

“Most of the children are working in shops or doing street work such as polishing shoes and selling groceries. They work for five to six hours per day. They were sharp and very brave to speak about their lives and how they suffer from lack of education.”

CW4WAfghan Senior Director, Murwarid Ziayee, describing her interactions with DLC students

On-Site Facilitator Support

Students enrolled in the DLCs are provided an on-site facilitator to support students in succeeding with their online classes, organize peer learning, help with tutoring, and provide technical troubleshooting. Digital literacy classes are also offered.

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