Amplifying Afghan Women’s Voices

The Afghanistan Policy Dialogue program (APDP) was established in response to our growing concern about increased threats to women’s and girls’ rights in Afghanistan. This program promotes the centrality of Afghan women’s voices, views, and experiences.

We do this by amplifying the voices of Afghan women activists in Canadian and international platforms, such that women’s demands will not be ignored.

Please visit our Advocacy Page for the latest call to action items, including letters we share to send to your MP or the Prime Minister.

We also work to engage our members, partners and chapter networks in spreading the message of Afghan women’s demands, by developing resources and other tools for engagement like our Advocacy Toolkit, hosting events and campaigns, and providing up-to-date information. We broker opportunities for Afghan women’s networks and activists to reach policy-makers. APDP works to forge collaborations with like-minded organizations in Canada and globally, and to engage with Afghan advocacy networks.

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