Eyes on Afghanistan

Our team are committed to keeping the focus on the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Visit this page for action items and to keep abread of what is going on. Much of the press features interviews with our Executive Director and Senior Director.

Recent News

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September 7

How the West can influence the Taliban, Al Jazeera Media View with Murwarid Ziayee

September 4

With her family stranded in Afghanistan, Murwarid Ziayee says Canada failed refugees, with Lauryn Oates and Murwarid Ziayee, CTV News

September 1

Lauryn Oates on Global Radio – around 18 minute mark

August 30th

Lauryn on CBC Radio Ottawa Morning -click August 30 segment What Future do Women’s Education Projects Have Under Taliban? (Lauryn around 2 minute mark)

August 30

What future do women’s education projects have under the Taliban, Ottawa Morning Radio with Lauryn Oates

August 29

Canadians must help ease the chaos in Afghanistan, Lauryn Oates, Troy Media

August 28th

Global News – ‘They’re not going to have mercy on our family’: Fear for women, girls left in Afghanistan

August 27th

The Uncertain future of Afghan women and girls, Murwarid Ziayee on Global News

August 26th

Murwarid Ziayee on Global News – Scott Thompson Show

August 25

Afghan community organizing rally to call attention to country’s crisis with Lauryn Oates, CBC News

August 24

Broken Promises in Afghanistan, Lauryn Oates, Calgary Herald

August 22nd

Murwarid Ziayee interviewed on the Roy Green Show, Global News

August 21st

Lauryn Oates in Calgary Herald: “If we don’t do this right, it will be a bloodbath.

Najia Haneefi, Ottawa Chapter co-chair on the Unsettled Situation, CBC Radio.

August 20th

Lauryn Oates on Power and Politics: “My concern is for every last woman and girl in Afghanistan”

August 19th

Murwarid Ziayee speaks about her concern for women and girls in Fashion Magazine

August 18th

Global pressure on Taliban needed to secure rights, Murwarid Ziayee on CBC tv

August 17th

Lauryn Oates on CBC radio On the Coast

‘We need your solidarity’: Sarah Keeler on Global news

“Canada has ‘no plans’ to recognize Taliban as Afghanistan government” says Trudeau, including an interview with Sarah Keeler, Global News

August 16th

As Taliban take over Afghanistan, many women ‘have real reason to be terrified’, Sarah Keeler in Toronto Star

Mariam (Manitoba Chapter) in Winnipeg Free Press

August 15th

Murwarid Ziayee on Calgary Eye Opener CBC radio

Calgary-based aid group mobilizes against human rights violations of Afghani women, Lauryn Oates and Murwarid Ziayee on CTV Calgary

August 13

Concerns mount for Afghanistan’s women and girls, Sarah Keeler and Murwarid Ziayee on Global News

August 10

Lauryn Oates on CTV news

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Demand Leadership and Action

Canada is a global leader in promoting the importance of women in peace and security internationally, exemplified through our country’s Feminist International Assistance Policy

Join us in demanding the Canadian Government leverage this global leadership position and the legacy of our country’s efforts in Afghanistan in influencing the international community, the US Government, and NATO.  

Our advocacy work is rapidly transitioning to ensure humanitarian assistance. We will post updates as we learn more from our team on the ground in Afghanistan. We draw on the expertise of an Advisory Council of Afghan women from politics and civil society, as well as the perspectives and priorities of diverse activists in our coalition networks.

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