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Demand Leadership and Action

Canada is a global leader in promoting the importance of women in peace and security internationally, exemplified through our country’s pledge of development assistance

Join us in demanding the Canadian Government leverage this global leadership position and the legacy of our country’s efforts in Afghanistan in influencing the international community, particularly the US Government, to work toward: 

1. An immediate and true ceasefire with unconditional commitment to end the targeting of civilians.

2. A responsible troop withdrawal by the US and NATO allies, up to and beyond the September 11 deadline, that reflects stated commitments to a results focused peace process.

3. Establish a mechanism to ensure safeguarding of the Afghan Constitution, constitutional order and assurance of the universal rights protected therein, including women’s and girls’ rights, such as their unconditional right to education at all levels.

4 An inclusive peace process and political settlement that accounts for the reality that women are integral to the future of Afghanistan, are currently active in all sectors of society, and have the right to represent and advocate for their own interests.

Recent News

Journalist Mellissa Fung was interviewed by The Guardian May 23, 2021. She will join us by video – to hear her speak, sign up for Breaking Bread 2021, a virtual program.

Dr. Lauryn Oates, CW4WAfghan Executive Director has been featured frequently in the news as we advocate on behalf of women and girls in Afghanistan. To stay current with developments in Afghanistan, visit – and share – articles featured on our News page


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