DD Classroom

Hundreds of thousands of girls have lost access to their education with no end to the education ban in sight. Even if their classes resume, it is expected that there will be a significant deterioration in the quality of their learning, and that many families will choose not to send girls back to school due to security concerns, concerns about the Taliban’s influence on the curriculum, or due to economic hardship that puts school out of reach. In addition, many families are displaced, and are residing in countries where they have temporary status, and cannot access local schools. This presents the risk of long interruptions in children’s educations, and the longer these gaps, the less likely they are to ever return to school. A generation of Afghan children, including a disproportionate number of girls, who lack education will set Afghanistan back even further socio-economically. 

A response to the closure of girls’ schools in Afghanistan, DD Classroom uses the power of technology to keep classroom doors open. Complementing our asynchronous courseware platform, DD Courses, DD Classroom is for live teaching. Students attend their class at a scheduled time and are taught by a teacher through video. DD Classroom is available for teaching middle and high school students, university classes, training seminars, continuing education, basic literacy, life skills and more. The platform is used for CW4WAfghan classes but is also available to other organizations and educational institutions to use to reach their own students, upon request. We aim to support students who use DD Classroom to earn a recognized credential for their grade level from a recognized institution, such as a private school or a school registered outside of Afghanistan.