CW4WAfghan Welcomes News of Coming Changes

CW4WAfghan Welcomes News of Coming Changes That Will Enable Canadian Organizations to More Easily Meet Humanitarian Needs in Afghanistan

A Globe & Mail article from December 12 shared the news that “Ottawa is preparing to bring forward a change to an anti-terror law in the new year to make it easier for humanitarian organizations to operate in Afghanistan, while not lifting the Taliban’s designation as a terrorist organization,” noting that “International Development Minister Harjit Sajjan expects Parliament to approve the change to the Criminal Code that outlaws financial dealings with the Taliban by late spring.” CW4WAfghan executive director Lauryn Oates is quoted in the article, observing that many charities have left Afghanistan for fear of criminal prosecution. “It’s a really dire situation and it’s getting worse. 90 per cent of people are going hungry. The time for aid is now. It’s hard to think of a more severe crisis. Every added day is a matter of life and death,” she said.”

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