CW4WAfghan mobilizes against human rights violations of Afghan women as Taliban take Kabul

Mark Villani, CTV News

CALGARY — Afghan-Canadians are expressing deep nervousness and worry for family members and friends back home as Taliban fighters continue to pose a threat and push for a transfer of power. 

The Canadian government has since shut down its embassy in the capital of Kabul and suspended all diplomatic operations on a temporary basis.  

Global Affairs Canada confirmed Sunday that staff at the Canadian embassy in Afghanistan are on their way back home, but the opportunity to leave the country is quickly deteriorating.

Lauryn Oates, the executive director with Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan), says the situation is evolving at tremendous speed and creating difficulty for her team to provide support.

“People are terrified, they haven’t had time to organize, there is sheer fear and there’s been a panic to leave the country as it’s becoming sealed in,” Oates said.

“There is fighting right now at the Kabul airport, which is the main way people were departing because the roads out of the country are not safe, borders are controlled by the Taliban, and that may be the end of people’s ability to actually exit the situation.”

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