Watch this space for upcoming ideas to gather, raise awareness and funds

The tradition continues

My name is Janice Eisenhauer and as co-founder of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan several decades ago, I am thrilled so many of you participated in our on demand program. We exceeded our fundraising goal of $25,000 thanks to your continued support.

Breaking Bread Events, with their unique and life-affirming combination of food, friends and fundraising, have formed a vital part of our grassroots support. Our Chapters and donors have helped us raise over $8.5 million to support education for Afghan women and girls since our inception in 1998. The large majority of our donations come from individual donors with ongoing support from all of our chapter members and volunteers. #breakbread

Why Host a Breaking Bread Dinner?

The Breaking Bread fundraising dinners are one of CW4WAfghan’s most important sources of revenue that ensure we can continue to run high quality programs. As we gain confidence in gathering once again, we will be sharing ideas for you to gather to break bread together and raise funds to support our programs.

Breaking Bread is a social experience, which we all crave after these challenging times. This means you share your passion for CW4WAfghan’s work with others while gathering to share a meal, coffee or tea.

Your Participation Makes a Difference

Not just women’s rights, but Afghanistan’s peace process, hang precariously in the balance during these uncertain times, and we are firmly committed to continuing our work to advocate for the women and girls of Afghanistan.

Thank you to our 2021 Breaking Bread Virtual Supporters!

Food Brings Us Together

Breaking Bread is an indispensible expression of Afghan identity. 

Afghanistan lies on the ancient slik road, where goods, ideas and philosophies were traded, building a rich history.

Durkhanai makes Chaat Masala in her Adelaide kitchen, and you can too!

Learn what you need to make this spice blend, which foods the spice blend will enhance the flavour of, and then enjoy!

Menu of Afghan Music Playlists

We are pleased to share Afghan music, including a playlist curated by pianist Elham Fanoos who make time in the midst of finishing his University studies and songs by Ahmad Zahir. Get immersed in the rich world of Afghan music, here.

Help Us Maintain Education Programs in Afghanistan

Read about our five program areas.

Help Fund a Library
Digital Literacy
Education opportunities are growing and thriving thanks to our supporters. Working with the Afghan people, our country staff, Unesco and other partners, CW4WAfghan ensures women and girls have access to education.