Literacy is Vision

“In the past, I was like a blind girl. I could not read or write, but now I read” – 2021 graduate from Abdul Hadi Dawi High School

In 2021, The AR! program is  training literacy teachers, graduating students who would otherwise not have access to education, outfitting libraries at the supported schools and delivering Life Skills programs.


Classes are provided to adult women and out-of-school girls over the age of 15 in Kabul Province. Each class provides between 20 and 25 female literacy students with one year of basic literacy classes 5 to 6 days per week.

Local teachers are recruited and trained to run the classes and maintain a small library. 


Classes are typically held within the home of a local woman who receives a small rent payment in exchange for hosting the classes.
“Your classes provide opportunities for rural Afghan women to follow their childhood dreams, to read and realize themselves.” 
Fatima, Literacy Learner

Life Skills

These photos illustrate the work our team is doing in Afghanistan to deliver life skills.

Using videos, technology, and in-person instruction, our team in Afghanistan delivers life skills programs, literacy classes, and other on the ground essential services.

Spotlight on Students

April, 2021

Nazifeh, 18 years old, has been studying at Abdul Hadi Davi School for two years along with her sixteen year old sister Nadimeh.

The two sisters were two of 20 students pictured receiving their certificates in April, 2021.

Of the family’s 9 daughters and one son,  only Nadima and Nazifeh attend school.

“I have been interested in school since I was a child,” shares Nazifeh, “but the very poor family economy and distance kept my parents from letting us go to school. Two years ago, one day I heard from neighbors that a literacy course was being set up at CW4WA in our village. My sister and I enrolled. After a year, we both graduated and got a 3rd-grade certificate, and then because of our interest and with the help of the Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, we went to Abdul Hadi Dawi High school.”

“Thanks to the CW4WA office for giving us the opportunity to continue my education,” said Nazifeh, “I want to be a judge in the future and I also want the office to provide transportation for us because there are so many disruptions on the way to school.”


Activities and Impact

In 2019, 150 literacy students were registered in 6 classes. These women were beneficiaries of Operation Mercy’s women’s self-help groups.

In 2018, 251 literacy students graduated from 9 classes in 4 districts of Kabul province. 

From 2017-2018, 68 literacy students graduated from 4 classes in 3 Districts in Kabul. These women were peer support group members of Medica Afghanistan’s Psycho-Social and Health Program.

From 2013 to 2015, AR! was delivered in 6 provinces (Heart, Balkh, Kapisa, Parwan, Badakhshan, Kabul)) with funding support from USAID, graduating 1,012 women and reaching an additional 18,318 boys and girls with libraries placed in local high schools after use in the literacy classes. Prior to 2013, CW4WAfghan delivered literacy classes in rural districts of Kabul, Mazar-i-sharif, Laghman, Nangarhar, Ghazniand other locations.

In addition to these, 1800 women completed literacy classes in Takhar through the AWEP Project that was completed in 2020, and 240 women and men completed classes in the Wakhan Corridor through the WILED project.