My name is Janice Eisenhauer and as co-founder of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan several decades ago, I have had the great pleasure of sharing a table together with many of you at our Breaking Bread fundraising dinners—in Calgary, and in many locations across Canada.

Thank you for participating in our 2021 Virtual Breaking Bread event with a twist

This past year has been filled with many uncertainties, fears, and challenges. Yet, we have also been reminded how our health and relationships are the foundation of our lives, and never to be taken for granted. Suffice it is to say: WE MISSED YOU and look forward to sharing this wonderful and unique ‘basket of goodies’ that our volunteers have organized for you. Enjoy! 

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We are pleased to share Afghan music, including a playlist curated by pianist Elham Fanoos, songs by Ahmad Zahir, the Voice of Afghanistan, and contributions from students in Afghanistan. Get immersed in the rich world of Afghan music, here.

Recipes from the Women of Takhar

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Our incredible supporters in Afghanistan and Canada make our work possible, and keep us energized with their creative, committed support on behalf of women and girls in Afghanistan .

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Education opportunities are growing and thriving thanks to our supporters. Working with the Afghan people, our country staff, Unesco and other partners, CW4WAfghan ensures women and girls have access to education.