What if…

As a woman, you could no longer go to work or to school?

This dystopian nightmare seems increasingly possible for women and girls in Afghanistan. At CW4WAfghan, we are committed to continuing to put pressure on decision makers to work for meaningful peace which maintains women’s rights.

Coming this fall, 2021, we will be hosting our annual symposium where we will organize panel discussions, speakers and activities to share how CW4WAfghan will continue to work on behalf of women and girls in Afghanistan.

A virtual symposium has the benefit of enabling broader participation, and after a survey, our supporters also indicated they are not yet ready to meet in person in a large gathering. We do anticipate organizing events to gather in early 2022.

The Symposium is a forum to connect and share ideas and to hear from expert speakers that help us explore and learn more about the importance of universal human rights in Afghanistan and what we can do as global citizens to support these rights.

The Symposium and AGM has been held in:

  • Calgary, Alberta (2004-2007 and 2017);
  • Kingston, Ontario (2008);
  • Vancouver, British Columbia (2009);
  • Kelowna, British Columbia (2010);
  • Oakville, Ontario (2011);
  • Pictou, Nova Scotia (2012);
  • Victoria, British Columbia (2013);
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba (2014);
  • Banff, Alberta (2015);
  • Ottawa, Ontario (2016);
  • Toronto, Ontario (2018) 20th Anniversary theme: Flicker To Flame: Teaching and Learning
  • Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia (2019) theme: Forward, Together: Supporting Resilience, Resolve and the Courage to Learn

In 2020, due to the pandemic, we hosted our first virtual symposium with the theme Never Go Back: Afghan women’s rights in the unfolding Intra-Afghan talks.

2021 Symposium and AGM: coming this fall


The CW4WAfghan Annual Symposium and Annual General Meeting, whether in person or virtual, is the ultimate forum to connect, to be inspired and to take action.

“CW4WAfghan is a totally unique community, and nowhere is that more on display than during the annual symposium. This is so much more than a conference. It’s the well where we draw our inspiration from to work as hard as we do for the women and girls of Afghanistan.”

–Murwarid Ziayee, Senior Director, CW4WAfghan

Countdown to 2021

While a date has not yet been set, members of our Public Engagement committee are beginning to organize the fall symposium and Annual General Meeting. 

Until then, if you wish to revisit where we were a year ago, we share some highlights from last year.