United for Rights: 

No Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan

Over one year has passed since the Taliban seized power over Afghanistan. In the 12 months since, the people of Afghanistan, who overwhelmingly and bravely oppose the regime, have been subjected to a humanitarian and human rights crisis. 

Nearly 50% of the population on the verge of starvation, widespread human rights violations including extrajudicial killings, detentions and torture of citizens, and women and girls have experienced a near total loss of rights, including a ban on attending school for girls over the age of 12. 

It’s time to take action for rights in Afghanistan. 

Join CW4WAfghan for the 2022 Annual Symposium. The in-person event, hosted in Calgary, AB, will focus on the theme of United for Rights: No Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan and will explore the consequences of the human rights crisis in the country and what Canadians can do to help.

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CW4WAfghan is a totally unique community, and nowhere is that more on display than during the annual symposium. This is so much more than a conference. It's the well where we draw our inspiration from to work as hard as we do for the women and girls of Afghanistan.

- Murwarid Ziayee (Senior Director, CW4WAfghan)

2022 Agenda

Keynote Presentation • Settlement Support Workshop • Art for Freedom Exhibition • Marketplace • Panel Discussion • Cultural Session • Champion for Education Awards

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The 2022 Annual Symposium will be held in-person on Saturday, October 15 in Calgary, AB. 

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Registration Fee: $50

Note: For those who are unable to attend in-person. We will be live streaming portions of the Annual Symposium throughout the weekend.

Nominations Open: Champion for Education Award

Each year, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan recognizes one or more individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the cause of education in Afghanistan. That cause is more urgent than ever before.

Over the past year, as Taliban rule has introduced ever increasing restrictions on the basic human right to education, we have seen a flourishing of resistance from civil society organizations, activists, and regular Afghans. These have come in the form of initiatives such as:

  • Community Initiatives
  • Advocacy Campaigns,
  • Secret Schools,
  • Online Learning Resources
We want to recognize such initiatives in consideration for the Champion for Education Award 2022. If you know of an organization, group or individual who has worked to advance the right to education, in particular for women and girls, please nominate them using this form.
The winner(s) will receive a modest cash contribution to support their work.

History of the Annual Symposium

The CW4WAfghan Annual Symposium, whether in person or virtual, is the ultimate forum to connect, to be inspired and to take action. The Symposium is a forum to connect and share ideas that help us explore and learn more about the importance of universal human rights in Afghanistan and what we can do as global citizens to support these rights. 

The Symposium and AGM have been held in:

  • Calgary, Alberta (2004-2007, 2017, 2022)
  • Kingston, Ontario (2008)
  • Vancouver, British Columbia (2009)
  • Kelowna, British Columbia (2010)
  • Oakville, Ontario (2011)
  • Pictou, Nova Scotia (2012)
  • Victoria, British Columbia (2013)
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba (2014)
  • Banff, Alberta (2015)
  • Ottawa, Ontario (2016)
  • Toronto, Ontario (2018) Flicker To Flame: Teaching and Learning
  • Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia (2019) Forward, Together: Supporting Resilience, Resolve and the Courage to Learn
  • Virtual (2020): Never Go Back- Afghan women’s rights in the unfolding Intra-Afghan talks.
  • Virtual (2021): Eyes on Afghanistan