As a federally registered Canadian charity, we have supported human rights and education opportunities for girls and women in Afghanistan for 25 years by providing access to quality, gender equitable education. We have trained 10,000 teachers, established 300 libraries and science labs, and established a digital library with tens of thousands of downloads each month.

"Over the past quarter-century, we have witnessed moments of triumph and tragedy, but our collective resolve has never wavered. We have adapted to changing circumstances, leveraging our creativity, resourcefulness, and partnerships to drive progress."
Laila Rashid
Board Chair

25 Years of Impact Timeline

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As of August 2021, Afghanistan became the only country in the world where the state bans women and girls from receiving an education.

Working in partnership with Afghan women, CW4WAfghan has adapted programs to offer free virtual courses and programs to connect thousands of Afghan women and girls with quality education. Our advocacy and educational programs transform lives, promote gender equality, and uphold the right to learn.

"Despite unprecedented challenges, we persist in advancing our mission of empowering Afghan women and girls through education."
Murwarid Ziayee
Senior Director

We invite you to read our 2023 Annual Report to witness the tenacious advancements we have made in education for Afghan women and girls.

Through years of practical experience and by contributing to and following global research, we have consistently found that education — particularly the education of women and girls — is the key factor in creating profound and lasting benefits for present and future generations.

Education for women and girls results in:

Our Programs

Our programs develop and deliver education opportunities for Afghan women and girls

Increased Health and Wellbeing

Women and their families are healthier, are less likely to resort to child marriage, and experience reduced rates of maternal, child, and infant mortality.

Educated Children

Literate and educated mothers prioritize education and raise literate and educated children.

Reduced Poverty

Literacy and education are the single most effective methods of reducing poverty. Educated women not only contribute to the financial security of their families but to the economic development and stability of their communities.

Empowerment and Agency

Educated women emerge as influential catalysts for societal transformation, armed with critical thinking skills to advocate for their rights and make informed choices that shape their futures.

In 2023, your unwavering dedication and generosity have empowered us to provide vital access to education for Afghan women and girls. Thank you for being the driving force behind positive change in the lives of Afghan women and girls.

"School, even one accessed from a laptop, can be a sanctuary, from the instability, unfairness, and chaos outside. It can be a lifeline. We will continue to create educational opportunities and extend this lifeline to everyone struggling to access them."
Lauryn Oates
Executive Director

Meet Asma

Listen to Asma’s gratitude and reflections on the crucial role of education and knowledge.

Read the 2023 Annual Report

Our 2023 Annual Report includes Executive Messages, Financial Statements, and in-depth Program details.