Campaign Supporting Secondary School Girls' Right to Education

Education is a basic human right, but currently in Afghanistan, girls over the age of 12 are being denied the opportunity to learn. After promising to reopen secondary schools to female students following a seven month ban, on March 23 the Taliban doubled down on their system of gender apartheid, keeping school doors closed to female students.

The Taliban have proven to the international community what Afghan women have been telling us all along: they cannot be trusted to deliver on women’s rights, and global public pressure is needed.

CW4WAfghan has developed easy to use tools and resources to support you in your advocacy. Take action and stand in solidarity with as many as 5 million Afghan girls who have been barred from school.

#EducationIsARight #LetAfghanGirlsLearn

Afghan Students Speak Out

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November 29

  • Immigration Minister Sean Fraser offers no timeline on resettling Afghan refugees as desperation grows, Globe and Mail

October 11

  • CW4WAfghan Executive Director on Global News discussing the plight of Afghan Girls and International Day of the Girl

September 7

September 4

September 1

August 30

August 29

August 28

  • Global News – ‘They’re not going to have mercy on our family’: Fear for women, girls left in Afghanistan

August 27

Campaign to Secure and Expand Options for Afghans to Safely Exit Afghanistan

Recent Taliban threats are restricting the right of Afghans to leave Afghanistan and reports of evacuees being detained for “illegally” exiting the country.

Join CW4WAfghan as we call on Canada to focus on securing and expanding options for Afghans to safely exit Afghanistan. Read our recommendations for the IRCC below, and view our campaign resources to see how you can support the safe passage of Afghan nationals.

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Calls to Action


Such alternatives could include entry permits to facilitate movement to a regional hub such as Pakistan or Tajikistan for onward travel.

The Afghans who supported our mission in Afghanistan are at high risk due to their enduring relationship with our country, and Canada has a particular responsibility to ensure their protection.

A safer and more accessible alternative to Pakistan must be found, such as Tajikistan. Canada must continue and increase use of all diplomatic channels, and coordinate with allies and partners regionally.

This requirement is creating a severe backlog in the processing of refugees, and makes safe passage unattainable for many.

Many Afghans have been successful in securing admission to Canadian higher education institutions only to have their student visa applications turned down by IRCC on the grounds that they are suspected of not departing when the visa expires. 

Take Action: Send a Letter to the IRCC

Join us in taking action. Send a letter to Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship at [email protected]

Download our letter template to share our recommendations. 

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Sample Social Media Posts

I’m proud of Canada’s role providing welcome & refuge for those fleeing persecution. Canada can continue to make progress on its promise to resettle vulnerable #Afghans.  @SeanFraserMP read these recommendations from @CW4WAfghan on concrete actions needed to preserve lives

Millions of #Afghans remain at risk under #Taliban rule. Canada has an important role to play in getting them to safety, incl working regionally to facilitate safe passage through neighbouring countries, and streamlining reqs for identity docs. @SeanFraserMP

Given the extreme situation in Afghanistan, we shouldn’t ask #Afghan students accepted into our Higher Ed programs to prove their intent to return. @SeanFraserMP please waive this req to help fulfil our promises to resettle 40k vulnerable Afghans.

Demand Leadership and Action

Canada is a global leader in promoting the importance of women in peace and security internationally, exemplified through our country’s Feminist International Assistance Policy

Join us in demanding the Canadian Government leverage this global leadership position and the legacy of our country’s efforts in Afghanistan in influencing the international community, the US Government, and NATO.  

Our advocacy work is rapidly transitioning to ensure humanitarian assistance. We will post updates as we learn more from our team on the ground in Afghanistan. We draw on the expertise of an Advisory Council of Afghan women from politics and civil society, as well as the perspectives and priorities of diverse activists in our coalition networks.

Post on social media. Use the hashtags #StandWithAfghanistan  #HumanRightsAreUniversal 

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