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It’s time for Canada to take action in bringing vulnerable Afghans who supported Canada’s mission to safety. Are you with us?

The Government of Canada is looking to quietly close the Special immigration Measures (SIM) program that was created to bring to safety those Afghans who are particularly vulnerable because of their role in supporting our mission and values in Afghanistan. This will leave thousands at high risk of violent retribution from the Taliban, who see alignment with foreigners as a threat to the extremist version of Islam they are imposing on the people of Afghanistan. Especially vulnerable are those Afghans who worked to advance gender equality under Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy. 

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Why is this Important?

Thousands of Afghans who are eligible for the SIM program and who applied have received only silence with no word on the processing of their applications. Now, Canada is planning to close the program. If the doors to the SIM program close now, we will be abandoning key allies who supported our values in Afghanistan. Extending the program by 12 months will allow a maximum number of vulnerable Afghans, who do not have other pathways available, to reach safety in Canada.

Read why this is important below:

Afghanistan under the Taliban is an extremely unsafe environment, with large scale human rights violations including arbitrary arrest and disappearances happening daily. Those most at risk include the men and women who supported Canada’s work and values in the country, including in the areas of human rights, gender equality, democratization and press freedom.

During last year’s election campaign, the Liberal Party promised to Canadian voters and to those Afghans who have supported us when we needed them, that they would safely resettle 40,000 Afghans. Canada must not abandon Afghan allies before that promise is fulfilled

Reports suggest that closure of the SIM program is imminent. This decision would leave thousands of our allies vulnerable to Taliban violence and retribution, and risk further loss of the values we worked so hard to promote over 20 years in Afghanistan.

The numbers committed are in addition to existing
spots for Government Sponsored Refugees, and for those fleeing conflict in Ukraine, for which other pathways have been established. Canada has the capacity to fulfill its promise, and Canadians stand ready to welcome and support Afghans who worked to advance our values of inclusion, democracy and equality globally.

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In The News: ‘We Can’t Close The Door On Canada’s Left Behind In Afghanistan’

CW4WAfghan’s Executive Director, Dr. Lauryn Oates, recently published an article in The Hill Times entitled ‘We can’t close the door on Canada’s left behind in Afghanistan’. The article looks at Canada’s commitment to assisting Afghans reach safety, nearly one year into the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

In the article, Dr. Oates emphasizes the message that “If Canada is committed to people’s right to live free from tyranny, then it must be committed to this for all people.

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