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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan


The Lantern Fund is CW4WAfghan’s campaign to raise funds to sustain our teacher education program.

The first five years of The Lantern Fund raised $2 million and led to almost 10,000 teachers being trained, reaching hundreds of thousands of Afghan school children.

The next goal of the Lantern Fund is to strengthen Afghanistan’s teacher colleges to provide the highest quality of education possible for the country’s future teachers, especially women, who constitute the majority of students in teacher colleges today.

For 2018-2022, our goals are focused on:

  1. Building the capacity of leadership in the teacher education system

  2. Helping teachers teach reading and writing, increasing children’s literacy

  3. Developing critical thinking skills in teachers and students

  4. Improving access to learning resources at teacher colleges

In 2018/19, the Lantern Fund is focused on our fourth goal, improving access to learning resources at teacher colleges. We are campaigning to cover the following costs to support our activities serving teachers in Afghanistan:

  • Libraries in 6 TTCs at a cost of $3,500 per library

  • Computer labs in TTCs equipped with the Darakht-e Danesh digital library of educator resources at a cost of $5,500 per college

  • Develop and deliver a librarianship training curriculum for teacher college librarians, at a cost per librarian trained of $7,000

All of the above costs include all program costs such as monitoring and evaluation, management and administration.


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The Lantern Fund began in October 2012 as a special campaign to raise funds over five years to sustain our Teacher Training program in Afghanistan. During that first five years, CW4WAfghan trained in-service teachers in Afghanistan. At that time, an estimated 70% of Afghan teachers working in classrooms had little to no previous teacher training and most also had no post-secondary education of any kind, and many had not even completed high school. The lack of trained male and female teachers directly affects girls’ access to school and is detrimental to the quality of education. Our objective was to train teachers in active learning methods, as opposed to traditional rote learning. The training emphasized hands-on math and science, as well as student-centered social studies and language learning. Upon successful completion of training, teachers were certified by the Afghan Ministry of Education and, as a result, became eligible for salary increases as certified teachers. Each trainee was evaluated throughout the program.

The final province where our in-service teacher education training was delivered was Herat, at the end of 2016. Our goal was exceeded with more than 1,000 teachers receiving training each year over the five-year period, 2012-2016. A total of 9,387 teachers were trained across seven provinces since the program began in 2008 (see map below for details). In addition, 262 library starter kits and 259 science kits were distributed and a reading mentorship program put in place to support the teachers. Lantern Fund resources also contributed to enhancing the Darakht-e Danesh Digital Library throughout the five years.

The following map summarizes the number of teachers who received support through the Lantern Fund Teacher Education program, up to the end of 2016:

Lantern Fund Activities Tool Kit

If you are an educator or a supporter who may want a unique idea to help raise awareness or fundraise in your community, consider our Lantern Fund Activities Tool Kit. Each activity includes a description of how the activity can be carried out, a list of materials required, links to resources where teachers or facilitators can get instructions, patterns, supplies or ideas for planning the activity, and a list of ways the activity can be used as a fundraiser for The Lantern Fund:

Lanterns are highly symbolic, as objects that radiate light, and the metaphor of the lantern has resonance in Afghan culture and literature. CW4WAfghan is bringing that same metaphor to Canadians, and in particular, to Canadian schools, in inviting participation in the fundraising objectives of The Lantern Fund. We have created a tool kit to guide you through planning and organizing various activities making or using lanterns, that may be used for awareness-raising and educational purposes, or fundraising for The Lantern Fund, or both. These activities provide an opportunity for Canadians to engage in issues around the fight for the human right to education, girls’ access to education, the role of teachers in creating social change, and teacher education; while they can also support the goals of The Lantern Fund, and help more teachers be trained. These activities can be tied into curricula, as well as used by community groups, or just among friends for fun. Download a copy of the Lantern Fund Activities Kit HERE.


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