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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

School and Community Library and Science Starter Kits

Reinforcing Literacy: Promoting a Reading Culture

Literacy thrives most when learners have books to read. Yet too often, new readers don’t have any books to practice with. That’s why CW4WAfghan provides access to books through our teacher training and literacy programs. By placing small “starter” libraries into classrooms, books introduce the joy of reading for pleasure among students, and their families when borrowers bring books home.

To date, we’ve equipped more than 260 schools with School Library Starter Kits, established 36 community libraries, and set up small libraries in 132 literacy classes and contributed to the literacy education of more than 3,100 of our literacy graduates. We deliver orientation workshops for schools and communities on how to use and sustain these valuable resources.

Our libraries consist of high quality local language books - purchased from local publishers in Afghanistan - suitable for new readers on a variety of topics, from animal husbandry to history and poetry.

Hands-on Science Learning

CW4WAfghan has equipped more than 250 schools with School Science Lab Starter Kits. In addition to items like anatomy models, microscopes and other equipment, these kits include consumables such as chemicals that teachers use in experiments during class. These consumables need to be replaced regularly. CW4WAfghan replenishes schools’ sciences labs during monitoring visits to schools.

A donation of:

$135 pays for one literacy teacher in an urban area to complete a librarianship training    

$300 pays for a top-up of science lab materials to schools that earlier received our Science Lab Starter Kits

$1150 pays for one literacy teacher in an rural area to complete a librarianship training

$1500 pays for a 500-book Library Starter Kit for a school

$1000 pays for a basic science lab of 130 items from microscopes to anatomy models

$3500 pays for a teacher’s college to receive an academic library, training and capacity support to establish and manage its new library

$5000 pays for a bilingual children’s book to be produced, designed, printed (copies) and distributed to our network of libraries across Afghanistan

These essential learning materials are made possible through the generous support of our donors. If you would like to sponsor one of these items please visit Donate Today 

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