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Education: A Powerful Means to Break the Cycle of Poverty in Afghanistan

Education: A Powerful Means to Break the Cycle of Poverty in Afghanistan

From "Education: A Powerful Means to Break the Cycle of Poverty in Afghanistan"
published in Medium this month.

Abdul Satar Bahaduri, works as a CW4WAfghan Master Teacher Trainer and lives in Kabul with his wife and children. Satar recently returned to Wakhan for the last phase of teacher training we delivered there, and to check up on teacher performance, student engagement and resource use. With pride and hope for the resilient people of Wakhan, he shares his experience: 

"In the early morning before sunrise, I start moving toward the schools in which I plan to observe my teacher trainees. These teachers have recently received training from me and my training team in science, mathematics, librarianship and women’s rights. The schools are far apart and travelling has been in some severe conditions.

Along the roadside I notice both girls and boys walking enthusiastically to school, despite the cold morning weather and the condition of their old and worn clothes. Watching them, I am thrilled and proud of myself and the CW4WAfghan team for our efforts in this far, remote side of the country.

When I reach the school, the principal and teachers welcome me warmly and speak to me about their appreciation for the CW4WAfghan trainers—for the knowledge enhancement and capacity building they have received.

Significantly different from other sides of the country, male and female students study together in mixed classes from elementary to higher grades and participate in group work activities together.

I visit the school library and science lab that was distributed through the generous support of the Canadian Embassy. I observe that all books and science materials are arranged perfectly in their cabinets, with complete logs of library readers and laboratory experiences recorded in registration books. That is remarkable!

During my visit to the library, a student from grade six comes in to borrow a book. I look at his outfit: old torn trousers and a ragged jacket, but he has a smiley face and shining eyes. Just looking at his appearance, my eyes tear up for his severe poverty, but I feel comforted with happiness for his brighter future.

This visit leaves me even more motivated to serve this remote area, and help people by supporting teachers to implement their pedagogy criteria, and use different methods and materials for their teaching and reaching their goals for their students.

I thank the Canadian Embassy in Afghanistan's Canada Fund For Local Initiatives for helping us to serve the Wakhan residents, who I can say without a doubt—that despite severe poverty and lack of basic life facilities—are such a knowledgeable and friendly people who love education!
I am so very proud of the work we do to provide the highest quality workshops and resources for our teacher trainees—work that will have an impact for centuries! I consider us all experts in helping each other build our strength as human beings and our capacity to learn and make a difference! Thank you for the opportunity to share this story, which is only one of the hundreds of stories of lives changed for the better in Afghanistan.”

Read the full article HERE.

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