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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

CW4WAfghan Policies

CW4WAfghan has a comprehensive system of policies and procedures in place that guide our organization’s program implementation, performance measurement, financial accountability and human resource management, among others. CW4WAfghan maintains our legal status with the Afghan government as well as being a registered charity in good standing with Canada Revenue Agency. Our Canadian records are audited annually in Canada, as well all reports and legal requirements adhered to, as set out by the regulations of the Canada Revenue Agency that govern charities. Together, our policies aim to ensure:

  • Review and approval processes for projects, such as assessing proposals and competitive RFPs, budgets, required narrative and financial reporting.
  • Site visits to ensure operations are in keeping with reports from the field.
  • A performance measurement system that routinely collects relevant data from funded services.
  • Application of policies, guidelines for projects implemented by partners.
  • Enforcement of a procurement of goods and services policy.
  • Use of binding contracts.
  • Implementation of travel directive policy.
  • Application of a zero-tolerance anti-corruption policy.

Below we summarize a few of our key policies. 

Anti-Corruption, Anti-Financial Crimes amd Anti-Money Laundering Policy

As part of our governance and other best practices for the operations, CW4WAfghan has established policies and procedures to reduce risks related to financial crimes and applies an Anti-Financial Crimes Policy that addresses issues such as the prevention of money laundering, anti-corruption, and anti-terrorism and sets out responsibilities, communication strategies, factors and procedures to mitigate any possible financial crimes.

Green Policy

CW4WAfghan adopted its first Green Policy in its country office in Kabul in 2013. As an organization working towards human development objectives in Afghanistan, CW4WAfghan members realize that development without sustainable management of environmental resources is untenable. The impact of environmental degradation puts at risk the future we hope that Afghan children will inherit: one where the health and welfare of Afghans will be protected and promoted. CW4WAfghan has started by assessing its own practices and policies, and their impact on the environment (click here for more information).

For Implementing Partners

Our policies provide project implementation guidelines, contracts and reporting templates to ensure the efficient management of projects that are implemented or co-implemented by other organizations. These procedures are important aspects of our monitoring process. Project financial activities are monitored regularly. Project funds are sent by our Canadian offices directly to the bank accounts of our partner accounts, and are monitored through regular financial reporting. All expenditure documentation is reviewed and verified (click here for more information).

Code of Conduct

The purpose of CW4WAfghan’s Code of Conduct is to set out the core values that we wish for the work place at CW4WAfghan to reflect. Demonstrating these values helps ensure we are fulfilling our mission as an organization and that all representatives of CW4WAfghan uphold the highest standards of ethical behaviour.

Security Protocol

CW4WAfghan representatives in Canada and in Afghanistan abide by security protocols outlined in our organizational security manual which is aimed at reducing risk in the field.

Other CW4WAfghan Policies include:

  • Accounting Policies and Procedures
  • Anti-Corruption, Anti Financial Crimes and Anti-Money Laundering Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Communication Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Financial Management Policy
  • Gender Policy
  • Human Resource Policy
  • Human Rights Policy
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Policy and Framework
  • Payroll Policies
  • Privacy Policy
  • Procurement Policy
  • Travel Policy



Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan
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